Bonus: A King of Trios Pitch, plus the Cruiserweight Classic and the New Era

Surprise! It's a bonus episode, in which we talk about Sasha becoming Champion, everything else going on with the brand split, the whole first round of the Cruiserweight classic, and in which we announce our first ever fundraiser!

That's right, we're holding a fundraiser to cover our travel expenses to King of Trios next month. You can donate here, and for your donation we're also going to record bonus episodes where we talk about whatever you want. 

  • For any amount, name a wrestler and we'll give our opinion.
  • For $10 or more, name a match and we'll watch and discuss it.
  • For $15 or more, ask us any wrestling related question and we'll answer it.
  • For $30 or more, name any PPV or other event and we'll watch and discuss it.

Matches and events will need to be free on YouTube, or on the WWE Network or Chikaratopia. Just leave a comment with your donation to make your request, or get in touch with us on Twitter.


You'll hear plenty more about our fundraiser in the days to come, but for now we hope you enjoy this special episode.

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